Capital One Venture Credit Card



Capital One Venture is a popular credit card and not without good reason. Lets take a look at what this travel credit card has to offer.

This miles rewards card earns you two miles for every dollar you spend. With each mile being valued at one cent, you are effectively accumulating two cents on every dollar. If you are a regular card user, this feature alone makes it worthwhile to own this card.

Most cards, and this is something that card holders are often unaware of, charge transaction fees for purchases made outside America. Even if the payment processing company is located offshore, you get docked a percentage of the purchase amount. A charge of two to four percent is enough to negate any potential benefits that you might be hoping to gain from the use of a credit card.

This is not the case with Capital One Venture credit card. You are not charged a fee on purchases made outside the United States. A one-time bonus of 40,000 miles worth $400 is yours for the taking, once you spend $3000 within the first three months of obtaining the card. If you’re a regular traveler, then this is the kind of sign-up bonus that can give you a head start in accumulating valuable miles. There are no restrictions on the retailers you can shop at or the products that you can buy. Another advantage, the more you use this card, the more miles you accumulate.

A cool feature of the Capital One Venture credit card is that the rewards do not expire, the miles you earn are yours to redeem whenever you want to. You don’t have to plan your holidays or purchases around the expiry dates of the reward points that you have earned. There are no blackout dates with this card, so you can enjoy discounted or free travel and stay at hotels of your choice any time of the year.

The first year of use is free; after that, it is $59 per year, which is on the lower side when compared to many other miles rewards credit cards. Interest on credit card use is charged at an APR of 12.9% – 22.9%.

Flexibility in how you redeem the rewards is a big attraction with this card. The No Hassles Rewards program is just that. Under this program, you can avail travel deals, discounts on car rentals, or even attractive vacation packages. You can also choose to go with the Purchase Eraser feature offered by Capital One. This option comes in handy when you wish to go with a travel agency of your choice. You can do so and redeem your miles to the extent you want, there is no minimum. This flexibility gives you the freedom to use the accumulated credit points as you want to, with a hotel or travel company of your choice.

The company tie-up with Visa makes cardholders eligible for additional benefits such as rental car insurance, free upgrades at hotels, concierge services, etc.

If you’re looking for a travel credit card with an attractive, straightforward, and rock-solid rewards program, then the Capital One Venture credit is a good choice.


Capital One Spark Miles for Business



Business owners with excellent credit and looking for a travel rewards card should check out what the Spark Miles by Capital One brings to the table. Earn two miles on every purchase that you make, and your rewards are never going to be constrained by seat restrictions or dates on which you cannot travel.

 Redeem your rewards in amounts you see fit. The miles and the rewards don’t expire. Fly with the airline of your choice. Not many cards out there let you accumulate miles and rewards without some cap on the amount, this one does and that is the standout feature of Spark Miles.

 The card offers a very impressive bonus of 50,000 miles once you have made purchases of $4,500 in the first three months. The bonus is worth $500. The annual fee for the first year is waived, and is $59 after that. The interest rate charged on purchases is a variable 16.9% APR. It’s on the lower side, and one of the benefits of having a credit score in the range of 700+. Late payments, however, attract penalties at 29.4%. You can avoid the stiff penalty by the simple expedient of paying your dues on time. You get enough time to do that – 25 days extra after the end of the billing cycle.

Transfers do not attract a fee. The benefits, particularly the two miles offered on every dollar spent and rewards that do not come with a cap, are good reasons to switch to this card. There are no foreign transaction fees levied for purchases made outside the United States. If your business involves foreign travel, then this card offers serious savings in the form of miles and the absence of the aforementioned transaction fees. 

Redeeming the travel miles is easy. You can either call the toll-free Rewards Center and book your tickets through them, or book your tickets from where you want to and then redeem the amount online or by calling the Rewards Center. $0 Fraud Liability ensures peace of mind, if your card ever gets stolen or is misplaced, you do not have to answer for any fraudulent transactions. Real-time alerts via email and phone inform you of any suspected fraudulent activities related to your card.

 Spark Miles for Business lets you place your business logo on the card, a cool customization feature and branding opportunity. Employees using such a card can earn your business goodwill and exposure. You can add employees to the card at no extra cost. There are also rewards to be earned from employee cards.

 Businesses can avail cash advances and withdraw money from ATMs using their credit cards. While a useful feature, these advances attract a fee of $10 or 3%, whichever is greater and are charged interest of 24.9% APR.

 The Spark Miles and Visa Business partnership offers a slew of benefits for small business owners; these include auto rental insurance, travel assistance, extended warranties on select products, and purchase protection.

 The Spark Miles for Business is a hassle-free credit card with no hidden fees and with the potential to help you streamline business costs.


Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business Credit Card



If you’re a business owner with excellent credit and are on the lookout for a credit card that offers great value and the reliability that comes with a Visa card, then read on to learn more about the Spark Miles Select card.

 Every purchase you make earns you 1.5 miles and there’s no cap on how many miles you accumulate, nor are you encumbered in terms of choice when it comes to airlines and hotels. Travel the way you want to, if a ticket in your preferred class is available, you can buy it with the rewards points, there are no blackouts. What’s more, you are free to earn additional reward points from your travel provider. You can book tickets through the Capital One travel booking site that is powered by Orbitz, it’s a good way to fly with your preferred airline during peak season when tickets may be hard to come by. Or, you can redeem the miles using the Capital One Purchase Eraser feature.

 The card gives you a sign-up bonus of 20,000 miles for $3,000 spent in the first three months. These miles are worth $200. You can enjoy even more benefits by enrolling employees for the card; this does not attract an additional cost. There are more rewards to be earned, you can monitor spending in a better manner, and even limit expenses by issuing credit limits for the cards. The free quarterly and annual reports detail credit card transactions and are a useful record for tax purposes as well as for budgeting. The itemized report throws up information on areas that you may have overspent or operations that could do with more attention in the budget.


While there are other cards out there that offer a higher sign-up bonus and more miles earned for dollars spent, the miles earned are invariably for a select category of products. This card attracts with its no-hassle rewards program that also has a lot of flexibility in terms of how and where you wish to spend the accumulated miles. The 1.5% earned over all the products can very soon add up to attractive savings.

 The introductory 0% APR for a stipulated period is followed by a variable APR of 12.9% -20.9%, depending upon your credit rating. The introductory offer is a good chance to finance your business at your own pace, without having to worry about interest charges. If you feel that the card’s features are a good fit and beneficial for your business, you can avail the low APR of 12.9% for transfers. Otherwise, the card charges interest at 16.9% or 20.9% APR.

 The card does not attract an annual fee; useful savings over the length of your card ownership. No foreign fees either, which makes this a good card for frequently traveling businesspersons.


Capital One Spark Cash Select Credit Card



Spark Cash Select from Capital One is an ideal card for business owners with excellent credit. If you’re using Spark Cash for business and your credit rating has improved from average to excellent then this card is worth checking out for the cool money-saving benefits it offers.

 The card, which offers 1.5% cash back on all purchases, is a good choice for small and mid-sized businesses. Salient features of the card include the chance to win a $200 cash bonus for purchases worth $3000 in the first three months. There’s no annual fee charged on this card, neat savings that add up year after year.

 The introductory 0% APR on purchases is a good opportunity for businesses to finance their operations even without ready liquid assets at hand. After the introductory period, the card charges 12.9% – 20.9% variable APR, it varies with your credit score. A 25-day window after the due date will give you sufficient time to ensure that you do not carry debts into the new month. However, at the time of writing the card did not have a 0% introductory offer on balance transfers.

 If your business has operations abroad, you can finance those with the Spark Cash Select card without having to worry about foreign transaction fees. More savings. A resourceful businessperson can earn serious benefits by leveraging this card’s helpful features and keep expenses down. Another example, you can add employee cards at no additional cost. You can track employee spending, set ceilings on how much they spend, and exercise better control on finances.

 The cash back, as with other Capital One cards, does not expire and is yours to redeem. It’s like having useful cash at your disposal for those times when you really need it. Get your rewards in the form of check or have them added to your account by logging in to the site or by making a phone call. You can also have the points reimbursed for travel. The credit points will appear on your statement credit or you can get a check for the amount.

 You are covered against fraud; this card offers $0 Fraud Liability for cards that are stolen or misplaced. Quarterly and annual reports help you with record keeping, tax payment, and budgeting. The Spark and Visa collaboration entitles cardholders to a clutch of serious benefits. These include cover for damage of auto rentals, double the length of the manufacturer’s warranty for products purchased using the Spark Cash Select, cover against theft and misplacement for select products, and emergency assistance services when you’re traveling.

 The card’s features are backed by great customer service for which Capital One is renowned for. Overall, the Spark Cash Select scores as a credit card for businesspersons looking to get the most out of their dollars. The additional benefits are a nice incentive. Because this card lets you shop and accumulate points on any purchase, without restrictions, you can build up impressive reserves of funds that you can cash when you want to.


Capital One Spark Business Credit Card



Spark Classic for Business by Capital One is meant for businesspersons with average credit who are looking for a straightforward rewards card to help them with financing their business. The card does not charge an annual fee. Users get 1% cash back for every purchase, with no restrictions on items and sellers from whom they can buy. You don’t have to reach a minimum value to redeem the cash accumulated.

While the cash back percentage may be lower than what other cards offer, it would be worthwhile to remember that this card is an opportunity for businesspersons with less than stellar credit to get a credit card and improve their credit score for eligibility for cards with more choice and features. In fact, you can earn yourself extra credit by using the card at least once within 90 days of activating it, paying credit card bills on time for the first three months, and staying within your credit limit. The fact that you have 25 days after the billing due date to clear your dues should be enough to enable you to pay your bills on time. With SMBs, expenses have a way of cropping up unexpectedly, and that’s when the extra credit can come in handy.

Purchases are charged an interest rate of 22.9%, while this is on the higher side, one needs to keep in mind that the interest rates are a function of the cardholder’s credit rating. And, this card is meant for businesspersons looking to boost their credit score. The card does not have a 0% interest introductory offer. The Spark Classic for Business offer Fraud Coverage and alerts via email, text, and phone. This minimizes the chances of abuse of the card, should you ever lose it or it gets stolen.

Add employee cards without any extra charges. This is an opportunity for earning more rewards, tracking expenses made by employees, and budgeting efficiently. Year-end summaries and quarterly reports are another useful feature that business can leverage to streamline expenses and pay taxes on time.

You are not charged a fee on foreign transactions. So, if your business involves making purchases abroad, then this is a great card to have for business use. The savings can be substantial, and are a good complement to the 1% cash back.

The Spark Classic collaboration with Visa entitles you to benefits such as cover for auto rental collisions, damage, as well as for theft of a rented vehicle. Purchases of select items are covered against theft and misplacement for up to 90 days of the purchase. You also get warranty on these products for twice the length of time as the original manufacturer’s warranty. Emergency help during your travels, including ticket upgrades and legal help, is also available. These thoughtfully provided features combine to protect you from expenses that are over and above your regular operational costs.

Spark Classic for Business from Capital One is backed by excellent customer service that is trained in helping small business owners with credit-card related issues.

Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card



For folks who are not heavy spenders with their credit cards, and at the same time would love to benefit from their credit card use, the Capital One Quicksilver cash rewards credit card is worth checking out.

You get 1.5% cash back on every purchase, and there is no limit or ceiling to how much you can accumulate in this manner. There are no items that are off limits and you are not restricted to select vendors. Any time you make a purchase, you save.  If you favor simplicity and a hassle-free system over convoluted rewards programs with sometimes higher benefits, then the Capital One is the best bet for you. For those looking for a card for gas and grocery shopping, you will not go wrong with Capital One Quicksilver.

If you have excellent credit and are looking for a no-frills card that is easy to use and is backed by great customer service, then this is the card for you. It is a good card for those looking to rebuild credit, as well as for those who have always dealt in cash transactions and now wish to have a credit history.

A sign-up bonus of $100 is a sign of more rewards that are to follow. Purchases of a mere $500 over the first three months will give you this benefit. Quicksilver is free, no fees ever. The initial 0% APR for your purchases lasts for a stipulated length and is then followed by interest in the range of 12.9% – 22.9%, it varies with your credit rating. Balance transfers too have 0% APR for a length of time and then it’s 3% after that.

The rewards are yours to redeem whenever you want to; they do not expire. And you are free to redeem the awards in amounts of your choosing. Choose between cash back and gift cards. Cash backs are easy to use; you can do so online or by calling a toll-free number. You can even set a threshold at which you have the amounts credited automatically to your account. You have 25 days after the close of each billing cycle to pay your bills.

Shop freely outside the U.S without worrying about any transaction costs eating into your rewards. In case, your card gets stolen and misused, you’re covered for fraud liability. Keep tabs on your credit score free of cost and take timely steps to boost credit score.

Visa Signature benefits with Quicksilver entitle you to travel upgrades and money savings at resorts and spas. You are eligible for the best seats in the house for premier sporting and music events. The Visa Signature card gets you discounts at a host of popular retailers, both bricks and mortar shops and online merchants. Enjoy the benefits of extended warranty on the products you purchase. A stolen or misplaced card will not leave you cash-strapped during your travels, you can transact with an emergency card and a cash advance.

At the time of writing, Quicksilver has an on-going collaboration with Uber, and card users can now get 20% credited back to their statements for Uber rides.